Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname Saturday: Prewett

The Prewett's drive me crazy!  My brick wall is William Prewett, born abt 1817 in Tennessee. On August 10, 1837 he married Temperence Bunge in Shelby County, Tennessee and shortly thereafter headed to Red River County, Texas.  He died before 1860.  They had five children:
  • Martha Prewett (born abt 1840; married William Scroggins)
  • Zebiah Ann Prewett (born 1842; married Joseph Gordon Whitehead)
  • William B Prewett (born abt 1843; married Matilda Jordan)
  • Nancy Prewett (born abt 1846; married Daniel B Mallonee)
  • Jeremiah Prewett (listed as Janetta on the 1850 census)
Jeremiah Prewett was born abt 1847 in Texas.  He was married in Kaufman County on August 19, 1869 to Rittie Wilson (also known as Mary Lou Rita Wilson).  They had four children: John William Prewett, Emma Prewett (born abt 1874) and the twins Early and Earnest (born abt 1877).  Jeremiah died in April 1880.

John William Prewett was born on November 26, 1870 in Texas.  He married Cora Bell House in 1896.  They had thirteen children:
  • Harvey Olan Prewett (born Sept. 7, 1898 in Indian Territory)
  • Mary Luetta Prewett (born Dec. 9, 1900 in Indian Territory)
  • Hattie Lee Prewett (born Feb. 4, 1902 in Oklahoma)
  • John William Prewett Jr (born June 22, 1904 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Marion Wesley Prewett (born Oct. 17, 1905 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Minnie Ola Prewett (born March 18, 1907 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Vergie Maye Prewett (born May 26, 1908 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Nellie Irene Prewett (born May 4, 1910 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • James Arthur Prewett (born Jul 27, 1911 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Millicent Juanita Prewett (born Dec. 8, 1912 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Robert Allison Prewett (born May 1, 1914 in Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Ruby Carmen Prewett (born March 3, 1919 in Roff, Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
  • Jerry Louis Prewtt (born Dec. 25, 1923 in Roff, Pontotoc Co., Oklahoma)
Jerry Louis Prewett (who married Elsie George) is my husband's father.

If you have any information on this family (or better yet, are part of this family), please contact me.  My husband and I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surname Saturday: McLaughlin

My line of McLaughlins goes back to John McLaughlin (1743 - 1812) and his unknown wife.  Well, she's unknown to me... if you know otherwise, please let me know!  Their oldest child was James McLaughlin (b. Jul 1769, Ireland).  He emigrated to Pennsylvania at the age of 19 (approximately) and married Matilda Elizabeth Best.  They had several children, including Samuel Best McLaughlin.

Samuel Best McLaughlin was born Feb. 17, 1813 in Muhlenburg, Kentucky.  He married Rachel Hammett on Sept. 22, 1831 in Peoria, Illinois.  (You can read about their early life together here.)  They had ten children between 1832 and 1854.  He died on Oct. 22, 1887 in Peoria, Illinois.

The youngest son was George Washington McLaughlin, born on July 4, 1850 in Marshall Co., Illinois.  On August 19, 1870 in New Buffalo, Michigan, he married Relief Elizabeth Bonham (daughter of William Bonham and Amanda Webster).  They had twelve children between 1870 and 1888.  George died on April 21, 1896 in Marshall Co., Illinois.  He, like his father, is buried in the Yankee Street Cemetery in Marshall County.

Their youngest son was Clifford Clyde McLaughlin.  He was born Feb. 1, 1882 in Steuben township, Illinois.  He married Emily Phoebe Clifton on March 2, 1904.  They had fifteen children.  The oldest, Ethel Mae was born May 28, 1904 and the youngest, Margaret Iola, was born May 28, 1927.  I happen to find this odd fact quite intersting, possibly because my own birthday is May 28th.  Clifford died on August 2, 1956 in Sparland, Illinois.

Child number six was my grandmother, Alice Wilda McLaughlin, born Feb. 28, 1913 in Steuben, Illinois.  She came to California to take care of an ailing aunt where she met my grandfather, Chester Doran.  They married on April 9 in Yuma, Arizona.  She died in Colton, California on Sept. 25, 1967.

Standing in the back: Oscar McLaughlin, Rachel Leona (McLauhlin) Dunbar, Clifford Clyde McLaughlin, George Washington McLaughlin, Mayme (McLaughlin) Harvey, and Albert McLaughlin.  Seated in th front: Cora Pearl (McLaughlin) Donath, Relief Elizabeth Bonham, and Minnie (McLaughlin) Auth.

Thanks to the generosity of several relatives, I actually have a lot of information, pictures, etc. on the McLaughlins.  If you're connected to this particular section of my wandering vines please contact me.  I'd love to hear from you!