Saturday, October 17, 2009

SNGF: Dangit! My Mother was Right!

Randy from Genea-musings, has given us our Saturday Night Genealogy Fun mission: to pick one of our four great-grandparents, create a descendants list for that great-grandparent, and tell how many decendants (living or dead) are in each generation.

Of course, I accepted this task. (^.~)

I chose my great-grandparents, Clifford Clyde McLaughlin (1882-1956) and Emily Phoebe (Clifton) McLaughlin (1885-1942).

Clifford and Emily had 15 children. All 15 are now deceased; three died before I was born or shortly thereafter. I did get to meet four of them: my Grandma Alice, Aunt Lily, Uncle Dick and Aunt Marge. My memories of Grandma Alice are a little fuzzy since she died when I was three, but Aunt Lily and Aunt Marge were often there for Thanksgiving at Uncle Dick’s. He gave us kids nick-names; my sister was Grace since she would trip over her own two feet, and I was Army. Army was short for Armenian Changeling because he said that with my dark hair and eyes I didn’t look like the rest of the family. (That depends on which members of the family you’re looking at, doesn’t it?)

Most of McLaughlin clan stayed in Marshall or Peoria counties in Illinois while my ancestors came to California, so I really don’t have an accurate number of grandchildren. There are 18 that I know of. Uncle Dick had two children whom I know and stay in sporadic contact with, and I know/knew all three of Grandma Alice’s kids. We visited Uncle Jerry a few times, and used to visit Aunt Donna a lot before she was murdered. I know of four great-grandchildren; my sister and I, and Aunt Donna’s two boys and to my knowledge my daughter is the only great-great-grandchild.

Wow, I really need to fill in some holes! I know my mother has more information on all the cousins, I guess it’s time to pick her brain. Hey Mom! Can I come over for lunch soon?

I need to find descendants of:
  • Ethel McLaughlin (1904-1964) and LaMont Andrews (1892-1942),
  • Raymond McLaughlin (1905-1982) and Esther Goudy Daniels (1905-1955),
  • Willard McLaughlin (1911-1992) and Madaline Wanders (1910-1994),
  • Trella McLaughlin (1917-2000) and Leslie Beck (1907-1990),
  • Emily McLaughlin (1919-2005) and John Ryan (1915-2007),
  • Mary McLaughlin (1921-1966) and Glenn Koch and
  • Cecil McLaughlin (1922-2003) and Josephine Bruno

Ethel and Emily each had six children that I am aware of, but I don’t know if their children had children. Dangit! My mother was right! I should have paid more attention when I was younger….

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  1. Add another great-grandkid to that family tree-Trevor got married and has a son, he's around 11 or 12, I think.