Thursday, December 24, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday: Doran/McCroskey Marriage Certificate

This Thursday's Treasure Chest is two-fold.  The first is the marriage certificate of my great-great-grandparents, Hamilton & Charlotte Doran.  The second is the biographical sketch that follows written by one of his brothers, William Penn Doran:

Biographical of Hamilton Doran

Hamilton Greene Doran born in Washington Co. Virginia,1 Oct. 20, 1839. Charlotte Belinda McCroskey was born in Missouri Christian County Mar. 19, 1847. They were married Feb. 12, 1867.

To this union were born

Emma Amner Doran born Dec. 27, 1867. Married Fred Kerr. To this union one boy Fred.

Francis Edwin born June 2, 1869. Died Dec 24, 1873.

Minnie Ellen was born in Nov. 28, 1870 married to Bluford Gooch at Ozark, Mo, Dec. 15, 1886.

To this union were born two children Edd and Ella. Married Sam Larkins. Bluford died about 1890, Minnie married Marshall Fitzpatrick.2

To this union were born Dewey, Hazel, Earl, Carl, Faye and Lorene.

Mathew Duff3 was born in Feb. 19, 1872 married Ella Hilliard at Springfield 18

To this union were born Hugh, Malcom, Cecil, Lottie, Eunice and Glenn. Lottie married Oran Thompson

Eunice married Scott Pemberton.4

Alexander Judd was born in Apr. 18, 1873 married Lillian Stroud at Thayer Kans. Dec 17, 1903.

To this union were born Ethel, Chester, Glenn and Vivian. Ethel born in Thayer Ks. Chester at Cassidy Mo. Glenn and Vivian at 9 miles west and 3 miles south of Walter Okla.5

William James was born Jan. 15, 1875 married to Eliza Grubaugh at Ozark 189__. To this union were born Inez, Clearance, John, Lawrence and Donald.

Ina married Lee Bingham 1921

Junius Doran was born in June 8, 1878, married Cora in Rialto Calif. 19

One child born to this union Lenard Junius.6

Allen Hamilton was born Feb. 7, 1880. Married Julia Simms Cassidy about 1917. One child to this union was born Ralph. 7

Leanard Paul was born in Sept. 4, 1881 not married

1This is incorrect – Stacy A. (Rosa) Chadwick
2A. J. Doran notes “Marshall died 1927”

3Added by A. J. Doran – “Died Jan 1935, Ella died 1936”

4In an unknown handwriting – “Cecil children Marvin, Delbert, Wanika; Glens -- Patty Ann; Jerry – Johnnie Joe; Eunice – Albert Cecil, Hilge Virgal, Colleen; Malcolm – Dexter, Nena, Kenneth, Wayne, Shela (died), Winsor, Warren, Trela, Leslie & Wesley”

5Added in pen “2 marriage Alexander J. Doran married Vannie McCroskey June 10 1943 at Witchita Falls, Tex. She died Aug 1 194263”

6A. J. Doran adds “Junius died 10th of July 1963 of cancer stomache”

7“Allen died Sept 14, 1935” added by A. J. Doran

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  1. I love old marriage certificates. There is something very romantic about them that we miss out on today!