Saturday, January 23, 2010

Surname Saturday: Danchak and Dushek

On my father's side our heritage is Dutch and Czechoslovakian.  I've already written about the Dutch ancestry (Rosa), so that leaves the Czech: Danchak and Dushek.

 From left to right: John Roy, John, Gardina, Lydia and Bessie

My grandmother, Gardina (Gardie) Matilda Danchak was one of five children born to John Danchak and Lydia Dushek. Her oldest sister Ella (born Sept. 12, 1898) died in October of 1902.  Next was Bessie (July 20, 1899 - Nov. 1982), then my grandmother (March 13, 1902 to July 15, 1979).  She had two younger brothers, John Roy (July 3, 1904 - Feb. 18, 1978) and Allen Edward (Feb. 16, 1911 - Oct. 29, 1942).

John Danchak (originally Dancak) was born Dec. 2, 1868 in Przno, Moravia, Austria in what later became Czechoslovakia.  He died in Port Lavaca, Texas, on Oct. 11, 1922.  He was one of several children born to John Danchak (1839 - 1925) and Rosalie Adamek (1841 - 1903).

Lydia Mary Dushek (originally Dusek) was born May 30, 1875 in Brenham, Texas and died Nov. 6, 1956 in Colton, California.  She was one of eight children born to Jan Dushek (b. 1847 in Cermna, Bohemia/Czechoslovakia, d. 1908 in Caldwell, Texas) and Terezie Janke/Janku/Janak (1848 - 1903).

Thanks to a kind soul I met on the TexasCzech group, I have more information on the Dushek line (Thanks, Mike!), but I'm still having a heck of a time researching the Danchak's.  If you're part of the Danchak line, please contact me!


  1. Hi there Stachia.

    I am Bennie King/Driskell's sister Jeanette. I've been researching the family for years. I love your blogg. It's really nicely written.
    I'm also a member of the TexasCzech group. I love those folks.

    I've found that the Danchak's don't seem to want to be found. I've written so many people in the past and either get no response or negative responses. Silly.

    Anyway, Bennie told me she's been in contact with you and your sister and thought I'd extend another hand. Keep up the good work and I'll do the same.

    Jeanette King/Hurwitz

  2. I'm glad you enjoy the blog! (^.^) The Danchak's are certainly my brick wall; but its nice to know its not just me!


  3. my wife has been searching out her ancestry, she has hit a stump in all directions,Joseph Dushek Born 1822 bohemia, daughter Anna Born 1849Thats all the information she has, If you know anything or have any Ideas. Her Email is