Friday, November 5, 2010

Funeral Card Friday: William James McCroskey

We recently upgraded our internet to Fios, so of course the tech guy had to have access to the computer... which meant I had to go through the piles of genealogy stuff on the desk and put them away properly.  (I know!  I know!  I should have done that in the first place!)  While putting things away, I ended up looking through my entire McCroskey folder.  (You must admit, its far more enjoyable to allow yourself to get distracted and pour through your genealogical treasures than it is to put them all away!)  While doing so, I ran across a portrait of William James McCroskey.  I've written about him before -- in August I posted a biography found in one of my great-grandfather's notebooks with the above mentioned portrait.  It can be found here if you're interested.  I also found his funeral card (which I knew I had) and his obituary (which I didn't realize I had) glued into another of A.J. Doran's notebooks.


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