Monday, October 4, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: Family Letters, Part Three

Dec. 7, 1935
Dear Mr. Morris,

I have your letter of the 4th and in this letter you say that what you want to know is the parents of Robert Lowery Doran and Betsy Doran, who was a daughter of Robert Lowry.

Robert Lowery Doran was the son of Alexander Doran and Elizabeth Lowry.  Robert Lowery Doran was married on May 19th 1812 to Betsy Lowry, a daughter of John Lowry (I believe).  He was an officer in the Revolution, a decendant of Col. John Lowry of Cromwells army.  Alexander Doran was born presumably in Virginia in 1760 and died in 1814 in Johnson County Tennessee.  Alexander was an ensign in the Continental Army and was at the battle of Kings Mountain, 1780.  Alexander Doran was the son of James Doran Revolutionary soldier whose will was probated in our court on the 17th of December 1799, and James Doran left the following Children Peggy Doran, William Doran, James Doran and Alexander Doran.

Robert Lowery in the Revolution from Virginia.  Robert Lowery Doran and his wife on the last day of September 1853 sold and conveyed the last of their lands in this county and I suppose emigrated.  No finer people ever lived in this part of the world than the Doran Lowry people.  Miss Rebecca Hope of Abingdon Va. can give you much information.  She is of this family.

Yours truly,
L.P. Summers

You can tell from this that the old reprobate is satisfied that we have two Doran Revolutors, one of them an ensign -- no less -- which in them days in army service rated along second looeys of today.  That battle of Kings Mountain was fit by a motley horde of frontiersmen who went horsing over the hill.  Just for the occasion one might say, and went on home when the job was done.

Well, I am writing Miss Rebecca Hope forwith and hoping she is not ascrewy as her fellow townsman.  I don't believe there would be room even in New York City for two like him.  There is no doubt in my mind that we are simply putrid with ancestors.  Pat ok again. 

Much love,
     Your Royal Kinsman the Sultan of Goulash.

I shall let you know when Mr. Summers of Abingdon finds more.  Yours truly,
     B.M. Morris, Springfield Newspaper Inc.
     Springfield, Mo.

B.M. Morris is a son of Laura Doran.  Robert Doran was her father.  Corner of Maine & Center St Springfield Mo

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  1. That may be the most entertaining letter ever - and one of the most succinct descriptions of King's Mountain. He's one ancestor I'd be honored to be putrid with.