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Amanuensis Monday: A Letter to A. J. Doran from Ora Gubler

July 26, 1960

Dear Mr Doran,
I was so delighted to receive your fine letter and the excellent information on your mother’s family.
I shall give you a little of the information I have obtained and perhaps it will be of interest to you if you don’t have it among your records.  From the Patterson cemetery I got the following dates when I was a young girl.

William B. McCroskey b. 13 Nov 1805 – died 18 Feb63
Matthew McCroskey born 1 Jan 1808 – died 12 Jan 1869
James Madison McCroskey born 13 Feb 1810 – died 19 Feb 1861 or 1864

The stones are old but I managed to copy several dates.  These three men were brothers and I have been trying to find out who their parents were, but I’m not successful so far.
Recently Mrs. Agnes McCauley of Nixa, Missouri sent me the birth and death dates of her husband’s grandfather and Grandmother which is as follows.
Margaret McCroskey born Oct 9, 1817, died Jan 26, 1894 wife of Frederic Hamilton McCauley who was born Nov 10, 1815. He died Jan 5 1894.
Mrs. McCauley thinks this Margaret McCroskey is the daughter of your grandfather Matthew McCroskey who was born 1 January 1808.  Now I think she was a sister to your grandfather instead of his daughter because your grandfather would have been only 9 years old when your this Margaret was born.  According to the 1860 Census of Christian Co Missouri, your Aunt Margaret was born in or about 1835 and according to your letter your Aunt Margaret married Joe Meritt.
I appreciated so much the names of your Mother’s brothers and sisters and the names of whom they married.  I would love to have the names of the children of your parents and children of your Aunts and Uncles if you can give them to me.  Also it is very important to have the name of the county and the state in which each was born.
I am also going to include a copy of a Will of Matthew C. McCroskey of Sullivan, Co, Tennessee.  His will was proven or probated August 5, 1867.  It is on a separate sheet.  Will you please read it and tell me if you have ever heard of him?  Do you think he might be the father of your ancestor grandfather Matthew?  Please note that he gave his sister Mary G Myers, all his personal and Real Estate and that William M. McCroskey was appointed executor of his will.
Do you know the names of any other brothers or sisters of your grandfather Matthew McCroskey besides, William B. and James Madison McCroskey?
Do you have any pictures, old Bibles or any stories which have been handed down through the family which might give any clue as to who were the parents of William B., Matthew and James Madison McCroskey?
I would appreciate any names and addresses of other McCroskeys who might give me any additional information.
Can you tell me if your grandfather Matthew was a minister?  I’ve always heard of him as Reverend Matthew.  But I have not been able to find any church records of his ministry.
I’ll try to show below how I fit into the McCroskey picture.
Brothers {William B. McCroskey – Matthew McCroskey – James M. McCroskey
                                                                                                        ↓                                              ↓
                                                                                Charlotta McCroskey        Matthew C. McCroskey
                                                                                                       ↓                                              ↓
                                                                                                 A. J. Doran     ←→     Pearl McCroskey
                                                                                                                                         Ora Etta Hoffman
Notice that you are a second cousin to my mother Pearl McCroskey. You may remember her brothers Rudy, Eddie, and Felix McCroskey. My mother married Warren E. Hoffman who was my father. I married Darwin Gubler. We have seven children.
I’m afraid my letter is too long. But I do appreciate your letter and hope to hear from you again.
                                                                                              Sincerely your cousin,
                                                                                                         Ora Etta Gubler

Sullivan Co. Tenn. Wills 1830 – 1870
Will of Mathew C. McCroskey1
In the name of God Amen.  – I Mathew C. McCroskey, being of Sound and disposing mind and memory, but weak in body, and knowing that it is appointed unto all men to die, to make, ordain and establish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made.
First – I give my soul to God to be disposed of according to his own pleasure – touching the worldly goods with which it has pleased God to bless me – I dispose of them as follows.
First – I request my executors herein named, to pay all my just debts and funeral expenses out of any money I have on hand or that may be due me or that may come from the sale of my property, -- I require my said executor to see that I am buried in decent Christian like manner.
Second – after the payments of my debts, I give and bequeath to my sister Mary G. Myers all my personal and real estate of every kind and description whatever.  I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint William M. McCroskey my executor of this my last will and testament.
In testimony whereof I have set my hand and seal this 2nd day of Feb. 1867
Mathew C. McCroskey
Attest S. F. Johnson
          John Keys
          H. M. Targler
Proven Aug. 5, 1867

1 Page 68

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