Thursday, November 12, 2009

They Fought for Their Country

I know Veteran's Day was yesterday, but who says our veterans only get one day?  I know I could wait until May for Memorial Day, but why?  So I'm declaring today a Thankful Thursday.  I am thankful for those who served our country and risked their lives so that we can remain free.

My ancestors who have served in the military since the Revolutionary War include:

Revolutionary War:

James Doran (1730 - 1799) of Washington Co., Virginia ~ fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant

Alexander Doran (1760 - 1814) of Washington Co., Virginia ~ fought at Kings Mountain

War of 1812:

Alexander Doran (1760 - 1814) of Washington Co., Virginia ~ same as fought at Kings Mtn

Civil War:

Edward Bonham (1840 - 1928) of Marshall Co., Illinois ~ 47th IL Infantry (Union)

Hamilton Green Doran (1839 - 1905) of Christian Co., Missourri ~ MO Infantry Co F (Union)

William James McCroskey (1846 - 1922) of Valley View, Texas ~ Texas Calvary Co B  (Confederate)

John W Rawlings (1836 - 1864) of Crawford Co., Indiana ~ 117th Regiment Co F (died of dysentery while in Andersonville prison

Annual Stroud (1813 - 1890) of Crawford Co. Indiana ~ Co B 13th Regiment Indiana (Union)

World War I:

Leonard Paul Doran (1881 - 1975) of  Christian Co. Missourri ~ Navy

World War II:

Allen Edward Danchak (1911 - 1942) of Burleson Co., Texas ~ Merchant Marines

Richard Ernest McLaughlin (1920 - 1994) of Peoria Co. Illinois ~ Army (Rangers)

I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I know about at this point in time.  I think tomorrow I'll pay tribute to my husbands military ancestors....

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