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Amanuensis Monday: the Memorandum Sketches

Biographical Sketch of the Doran family
The name is of Scotch, Irish and French origin:
Robert L. Doran was born in Virginia about 1790, and Elizabeth Lowry was born in Virginia about 1792.
The parents of Robert L. Doran came to America from near Dunshamflin Ireland, and the parents of Elizabeth Lowry came to America from Scotland. Robert L. Doran and Elizabeth Lowry were married in Virginia about 1812. The children born to them were as follows:
Malinda, born in 1813 and never married.
Alexander born April 29, 1815 married Delphia Marilla Judd, Dec 26th, 1838.
James L. born about 1817 married Jane E. Conn, 1
Margaret born 1819 and married Josiah Leedy
William C. born 1821 married Ellen Leedy
Miranda born 1823 married Addison King
Nancy born 1825 married Samuel Maiden.
Jane born 1827 never married.
John H born 1829 married Jane Mitchell.
Robert C. born 1831 married Virginia Manning.
All the members of this large family lived to be much past middle age and all2 the two that never married raised rather large families of children. The father of Robert L. Doran was born in Ireland and it is said, was a general in the Florida war.
Robert L. Doran was the owner of more than twenty slaves and set them free in 1852 for the reason that he did not believe in slavery. This Doran family3 were nearly all members of the Southern Methodist Church.
The Doran family have been and are now a strictly loyal and law abiding people and no one of them has ever been convicted of a criminal offense.
Robert L. and Elizabeth Doran emigrated from Washington County, Virginia to Greene County Missouri in 1854 and resided on a farm eight miles South of Springfield Mo; until each had attained the age of 81 or 82 years.4 They and the two unmarried daughters are buried on said farm which is now owned by Mr.5 Plank.
Alex and Delphia Marilla Doran are also buried on this said farm.
When this farm was sold from the Doran family, a plot of ground (about ⅓ acre) amply covering the graves of the Dorans buried there, was reserved to the Doran families.6
The author of this sketch is William Penn Doran a son of Alexander and Delphia Marilla Doran born Dec. 26, 1842.
The next two pages are blank

Biographical Sketch of the Judd family
Mr and Mrs Judd resided in North Carolina near the Yadkin River, when there were born to them on March 22, 1822, a daughter name Delphia Marilla.
Delphia Marilla Judd was married to Alexander Doran, in Washington county Virginia Dec. 26, 1838.7
Alex Doran was born in Johnson County Tennessee April 29, 1815.
Mr and Mrs Alex Doran resided in Washington County Virginia from the time of their marriage until 1848 when they emigrated to Overton County Tennessee where they resided until 1852 when they emigrated to Greene County Missouri where they remained until the end.
Delphia Marilla Doran died in 1865. Alexander Doran died in Aug 1896.
Twelve children were born to Alex and Delphia Marilla Doran. Five sons and seven daughters, all of whom lived to middle age or older. Now on March 30, 1923 there are still living one son and five daughters. All the twelve children have been married and all raised a family of children except Charles J.8
This writer now 80 years old remember very well seeing the father and mother of Delphia Marilla Judd; but does not remember their Christian names.
The Judd family emigrated from Washington County Virginia to Owsley County Kentucky about 1850: where they became the owner of a coal mine and resided there until after the Civil war. The father of Delphia Marilla lived to be 96 years old and the mother lived to be 92 years old.
Delphia Marilla Doran had some brothers and sisters. This writer thinks about three of each. The oldest brother Hamilton B. Judd was a soldier in the Mexican war and later a soldier in the Texas, Mexican war and for this last service received from the State of Texas 1476 acres of land located in Nachodoches County where he resided until his death. He had raised a family of children.
Leander H. Judd continued to reside in Owsley County Kentucky; was married and raised a family of children, two of them sons. William C. and Charles H. were soldiers in the civil war and members of the seventh Kentucky Infantry.
This writer met them several times on Red River Lousiana in 1864. They were fine looking and appeared well educated.
Of the other brothers and sisters of Delphia Marilla this writer does not remember their names except one sister Elvera. Elizabeth, Frances, Navina, Allie, Allen and Elziah, these brothers and sisters of Delphia Marilla as remembered by Mary Lymon, a sister of William Penn Doran.
Judd family were Methodist in their religious belief. All were loyal and law abiding, worthy and deserving citizens.
The name Judd is certainly not of Saxon or Teutonic origin but most likely Celtic or Gaelic origin.
The writer of the above sketch is William Penn Doran, a son of Alex and Delphia Marilla Doran, born in Dec. 26, 1842 in Washington County Virginia and was a soldier during the Civil war for the three years and nine months and had command of the Military Post of Springfield Missouri and over 4000 soldiers at the close of the Civil War.9

Biographical Sketch of Alexander and Delphia M. Doran
Alexander Doran was born in Johnson county Tennessee April 29, 1815.
Delphia Marilla Judd was born in North Carolina March 22, 1822.
Alexander Doran and Delphia Marilla Judd were married Dec. 26, 1838 in Tennessee and emigrated to Washington County Virginia and there were born to them a son, Hamilton Greene Doran Oct. 20, 1839.
Mary M. Doran borned in Tennessee Mar. 3rd, 1841
William Penn Doran Virginia Dec. 26, 1842.
Mandy E. Doran Virginia, Dec. 29, 1844.
Martha A. Doran in Tennessee Nov. 23, 1846.
Nancy J. Doran in Tennessee Apr. 29, 1848.
Susan L. Doran in Tennessee Nov. 29, 1850.
Lizzie M. Doran in Tennessee Feb. 24, 1853
Charles J. Doran in Missouri Jan. 24, 1855
James A. Doran in Missouri May 8, 1857
Joseph C. Doran in Missouri, March 21, 1859
Fanny Doran in Missouri June 4, 1861
Alexander and Delphia Marilla Doran emigrated from Tennessee to Greene County Missouri and settled ten miles south of Springfield, Mo. where they lived until death, Delphia Marilla Doran died in 1865. Alexander Doran died in Aug. 1896.
Marriages of the children of Alexander and Delphia Marilla
Mary M. Doran married to William H. Lymn at Ozark, Mo. June 4, 1860. To them were born Willie, Charlie, Annie, Frank, Lib and Hart.
Mandy E. Doran to William B. Stapp at Syrucuis Mo. Feb. 1862.
Eight children were born to this union Johnny, Marion, Chester, Fletcher, Marshall, Ellis, Joe and Alfred. Mandy E. Stapp died June 15, 1923.
Martha A Doran to William M. Patterson at Ozark Mo. July 26, 1865.
To this union were borned Walter, Laura, Julia, Betty and Mattie.
Laura married a Malicoat
Julia accidentally shot in Springfield and was single
Betty married a Stiles.
Mattie married John O’Day.
Hamilton Greene Doran to Charlotte Belinda McCroskey at Ozark, Mo. Feb 12, 1867. To this union were born Emma Amner Doran, Francis Edwin, Minnie Ellen, Mathew Duff, Alex. Judd, William James, Junius, Allen Hamilton and Lenard Paul. Hamilton Doran died Feb. 12, 1905.
Nancy J. Doran to Samuel Smith at Ozark, Mo. May 22, 1870. To these were born Charlie, Perry,
William P. Doran to Cornelius J. Maiden at Springfield Mo. July 7, 1871. Two children were born to these Ralph and June. June married Tom Galbraith.10
Susan L. Doran to Granville M. Estes at Ozark Mo, Aug. 20, 1871 one child were born to them Lillie who married Doug Chapman. Susan L. then married Robert Owens to them were borned Everett11 and Ella who married a Mr. Young.
Lizzie M. Doran12 to Milton Robinson at Springfield Mo Oct. 14, 1879. Born to them one child Oliver. Mr. Robinson died she married Jim Doran to them were born Nettie, Macey and Charles. Nettie married Pleas McDaniel, Macy married a Mr. Noakes.
Charley J. Doran to Book Ferguson Sept. 1881. No children. Charles J. Doran died in 1891.
James A. Doran to Mary (Mollie) E. Gooch at Mentor Mo. Oct. 30, 1881. To this union were born Delmar, Daisy, Lowry, Fenton, Jessie, Threat, Ella, Pansy, Wade and Roscoe.13

Delmar married a Bilyeu. Daisy married Everett Estes, Jessie married (           ) 14Ella married a Whittington and Pansy married Hubert Moore. James died June 2, 1912
Joseph C. Doran to Frances Page at Springfield Mo.
Born to them Irene and Clearance. Irene married a Mr. Fightmaster, Okla City.
Joseph Doran died at Nixa Mo. 1914.15
Fanny Doran to Louis Clark at Cassidy Mo. May 9th, 1889. Born to them were Lou, Niva, Ethel and Ruby.
Lou married a Ben Graves. He died. 1 girl born, Maree. Lou then16 McDaniel. Niva17
The next page is blank.
Biographical of Hamilton Doran
Hamilton Greene Doran born in Washington Co. Virginia,18 Oct. 20, 1839. Charlotte Belinda McCroskey was born in Missouri Christian County Mar. 19, 1847. They were married Feb. 12, 1867.
To this union were born
Emma Amner Doran born Dec. 27, 1867. Married Fred Kerr. To this union one boy Fred.
Francis Edwin born June 2, 1869. Died Dec 24, 1873.
Minnie Ellen was born in Nov. 28, 1870 married to Bluford Gooch at Ozark, Mo, Dec. 15, 1886.
To this union were born two children Edd and Ella. Married Sam Larkins. Bluford died about 1890, Minnie married Marshall Fitzpatrick.19
To this union were born Dewey, Hazel, Earl, Carl, Faye and Lorene.
Mathew Duff20 was born in Feb. 19, 1872 married Ella Hilliard at Springfield 18
To this union were born Hugh, Malcom, Cecil, Lottie, Eunice and Glenn. Lottie married Oran Thompson
Eunice married Scott Pemberton .21
Alexander Judd was born in Apr. 18, 1873 married Lillian Stroud at Thayer Kans. Dec 17, 1903.
To this union were born Ethel, Chester, Glenn and Vivian. Ethel born in Thayer Ks. Chester at Cassidy Mo. Glenn and Vivian at 9 miles west and 3 miles south of Walter Okla.22
William James was born Jan. 15, 1875 married to Eliza Grubaugh at Ozark 189__. To this union were born Inez, Clearance, John, Lawrence and Donald.
Ina married Lee Bingham 1921
Junius Doran was born in June 8, 1878, married Cora             in Rialto Calif. 19
One child born to this union Lenard Junius. 23
Allen Hamilton was born Feb. 7, 1880. Married Julia Simms Cassidy about 1917. One child to this union was born Ralph.24
Leanard Paul was born in Sept. 4, 1881      not married
The next twenty-two pages are blank, then an unknown handwriting continues in pencil….
About 1875
Hallie South was killed at Pilot Point Texas. She was killed by a Doran who shot off his revolver on the way from church and it was counted an accidental
He had asked her for her company home and was told no. So for that reason there was a lot of talk, he was a distant relative of our family.
On the facing page, in pen, A. J. Doran writes:
Hamilton Green Doran was under Capt. Barett in the War of the South.
Capt. Barrett (this last line is in pencil)
On the next page (in pencil) another unidentified hand takes over:
Burt A. Judd born at Columbia, Murray County Tennessee in 1876 a son of C. S. Judd and Helen (Crane) Judd natives of Tennessee Binghamton New York.
Growing up at Columbia Burt A Judd had educational advantages. In 1906 Mr. Judd was married in Mount Eagle Tenn. To Miss Carrie Knowles.
Mr. Judd died June 27 1921 in Ranger Eastland Co. Texas. He was owner of considerable city property.
On the inside back cover, A. J. Doran continues:
The last thing my mother spoke was I want to meet you all in heaven and the last words to me (A. J. Doran) was go get your other pants and put them on. That was just a day or so before she died.

Transcribed by Stacy A. (Rosa) Chadwick. The original notebook is in the possession of my mother, Charla M. (Doran) Rosa, a granddaughter of Alexander Judd Doran.

1 “no children,” added in pencil by A. J. Doran 
2 “but” inserted by A. J. Doran 
3 On the back of this page, A. J. Doran has written “Page one Uncle Will William Penn Doran married to Virginia Maiden a first cousin she and uncle will are Buried at Denison Tex uncle lived to be 87. June an Ralph ther children”
4 On the back of this page, A. J. Doran has written “Ralph died at the age 9 or 10. Buried at St. Louis Mo. June married Tom Galbrath at Springfield mo they had two children girs.”
5 “Milo” inserted by A. J. Doran
6 A. J. Doran added – “Hamilton Greene Doran and Charlotte Doran are buried there.” He continues on the back of the page in pen: “Hamilton Greene Doran and Charlotte are buried on the Plank farm which was the Robert Doran farm. He was my great grandfather. I am Alexander Judd Doran so he was my great grandfather.”
7 This is incorrect; he later gives the correct marriage location in Tennessee. ~Stacy A. Chadwick
8 Added by A. J. Doran – “Doran”
9 A.J. Doran adds “and mustered them out of service.”
10 Penciled in by A. J. Doran – “June died July 31, 1940”
11 A. J. Doran inserted “married Minnie Keltner”
12 “Aunt Lizzie died Mar 16 1939” – added by A. J. Doran
13 Added by A. J. Doran – “There was a small boy 2 or 3 years old that died.”
14 A. J. Doran filled in the blank “Payne”
15 A. J. Doran lined through the word ‘Nixa’ and wrote “at Springfield in the Hospital”
16 A. J. Doran inserted “married”
17 “married a Clausen” – added by A. J. Doran
18 This is incorrect – Stacy A. (Rosa) Chadwick
19 A. J. Doran notes “Marshall died 1927”
20 Added by A. J. Doran – “Died Jan 1935, Ella died 1936”
21 In an unknown handwriting – “Cecil children Marvin, Delbert, Wanika; Glens -- Patty Ann; Jerry – Johnnie Joe; Eunice – Albert Cecil, Hilge Virgal, Colleen; Malcolm – Dexter, Nena, Kenneth, Wayne, Shela (died), Winsor, Warren, Trela, Leslie & Wesley”
22 Added in pen “2 marriage Alexander J. Doran married Vannie McCroskey June 10 1943 at Witchita Falls, Tex. She died Aug 1 194263”
23 A. J. Doran adds “Junius died 10th of July 1963 of cancer stomache”
24 “Allen died Sept 14, 1935” added by A. J. Doran

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